Neo Synthetics 10W50 ENGINE OIL on Sale!!!

Neo Synthetics 10W50 ENGINE OIL

Price: $40.15

Compare at: $47.80 | SAVE 16%

Width - 6in
Size - 1 Gallon
Length - 12in
Height - 3in
Model Number - NEO-10W50-GAL

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Price: $40.15

Compare at: $47.80 | SAVE 16%

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Product description for Neo Synthetics 10W50 ENGINE OIL

NEO Synthetic Oils are premium fully synthetic motor oils that are formulated specially with the highest synthetic base oils and enhanced with the most up to date and advanced additive technology for the ultimate performance.

NEO Synthetic Oils provide protection under the most severe service conditions and meet the performance requirements of virtually all naturally aspirated, turbocharged, and supercharged passenger cars operating in North America including European and Japanese passenger cars. NEO Synthetic Oil has formulated its oils to provide outstanding engine protection in its high performance engine oils for the customer who wants higher anti-wear performance (ZDDP) than typically required by modern vehicles.

Neo Synthetics information

NEO Oil to meet the ever changing needs of the automotive industry. Back in the 60′s, even the major oil companies held the philosophy that in order to improve an oil products performance, they needed to thicken the product.NEO realized that what was needed was a stronger product, not necessarily a heavier product (thicker was not better)! They decided to take existing oil and experiment with some of the additives available at that time. To they satisfaction, they began to see improvement, strengthening his belief that thinner oils were the key.

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